Trying to "blend with white" in Aperture 3

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    I am trying to fade a large group of pictures toward white in Aperture 3, but am having some difficulty with some deep colors. Here is a crop from one of the problem originals. What I'm looking for, I can get in PS Elements by blending with a white layer (80%), but although A3 is working mostly fine on some of the pictures, not all.

    In A3, I'm doing a levels adjustment (see below). Is there some other way to "blend with white" in A3?

    • Original (as is)
    • A3, Levels adjustment using Luminance Channel: Dragged center slider to G:0.02. As you can see, it looks pretty good on most of the picture, but some of the red goes to magenta and doesn't fade.
    • PSE, blended with a white layer (80%). This is close to the way I'd like the photo to look. Oh, I can get a similar effect in Levels in PSE by pushing up the Black Output level. (Is there a similar feature in A3, I didn't see it.)

    Is there a way to accomplish this is A3? I want to apply this adjustment to a large number of photos for feeding a mosaic producer, and don't want to have to do them individually in PSE.



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    Just to follow up...

    I was able to get close to what I was looking for by reducing the contrast considerably (like -0.5), and then applying a levels adjustment. (Curves worked well, too, at that point.)

    I still wound up with some color shifting towards magenta as seen in the middle photo above, but on far far fewer pixels.

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