Trying to boot eMac from ext HDD......Trying

Discussion in 'macOS' started by martyrk, Oct 24, 2008.

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    So I have an eMac that boots up with the Folder and a question mark. So I jumped on the internet to find info. I downloaded a program to copy the whole hard drive from a 10.2.4 computer and plugged in the FW hard drive to the eMac, and held the option key down, and I get the refresh button and the move on button with no option to select which drive to boot from.

    Am I missing something? New to dead macs!
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    We probably will need a little more information first because as is I see many many points of failure: bad copy, bad firewire cable, bad firewire port, etc...

    1. Did you copy the 10.2 copy from an intel mac? If so you may have formatted the partition table to be GUID instead of Apple Partition Schema. PowerPC macs can't boot to GUID. This is under the partition tab of disk utility under the options button.
    2. What program did you use to copy the 10.2 drive? It may not have correctly copied it.
    3. Is your firewire cable known to be good?
    4. Can you get your broken eMac into target disk mode (boot by holding T)? Connect to another mac and it will appear as an external drive.

    What are the specs on your eMac? If you know nothing more than the serial number, that will suffice. What are the specs on the mac you used to copy it.

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