Trying to connect a Monoprice pen display to iMac

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Mollie_Elizabeth, May 22, 2017.

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    May 22, 2017
    Hello! Please bear with me, I'm not very good with computers. I have an iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), Version 10.10.5 with OS X Yosemite. I just received a Monoprice 10707 pen display from my brother. He sent all the cords he used too, but when I connect the display to the computer, the display says "No Signal." The screen on my Mac changes to a strange resolution (like what should show up on the pen display). I have a power cord for the Monoprice display, a cord with USB on both ends, and an Insignia HDMI to DVI-D cable. I thought my trouble was with the HDMI cord. It plugs into the Monoprice display fine and I tighten the little screws on the side. However, the other end didn't fit into any slots in the back of my computer. So I purchased this from Amazon: F8&psc=1
    I plugged the end into the adapter, and the adapter into the little "lighting bolt" port on my computer. I'm still getting the "no signal" message. I thought it might be because the cord is cheap, so I went and purchased this: adapter?fnode=8b
    Still having the same issues with both cords.

    Here are photos of everything I have:

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks for reading,
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    A few thoughts.

    1. It might be useful to know the details of the computer where this display worked. For example, was it a Mac or a PC? What model? Which OS version? etc. The reason for this is pretty simple: it was a known working configuration. If that happens to be a PC instead of a Mac, well, it's less useful info.

    2. According to the product page on monoprice, this display needs driver software:

    There are links to the drivers under the heading "Support Files". There are two links for Mac OS X, with different dates. I don't know the difference, but it might be a good idea to read the User's Manual (also downloadable there).

    If you already have the User Manual and the driver software installed, then please state that.

    3. Did you try the Monoprice tech support (see link above)? If so, what results did you have?

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