Trying to extract Data off a failing MacBook Air hard drive

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by cap2587, Apr 19, 2015.

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    I have a friend that asked me to extract data off a Macbook Air hard drive. She spilled juice on the laptop and it stopped working. I took the hard drive out and bought an external enclosure to attach it via USB to another mac computer. Unfortunately it seems like the drive is failing. It is only sometimes showing up as a mounted drive, but is always showing up in disk utility. When I tried to verify and repair the drive using disk utility it failed. She mainly wants me to get the Iphoto library off the drive. When I copy the Iphoto library it gets half way through and gives me error code 36. When I use disk drill to try back up all the files as an image it does not get through and stops. Any suggestions to get these files backed up before this drive completely fails. Thanks.
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    If it were me I'd send the laptop to one of the entities who do data extraction from failing devices for a living. However, since it's not me.... :)
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    I think that could be very expensive. It was a long time ago, but we did this at work once. They were able to salvage quite a bit of data but it wasn't cheap. They charged by the megabyte recovered.

    Certainly worth investigating though.
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