Trying to figure out how to set up MBP SSD/HDD


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Sep 6, 2008
upstate ny (purgatory)
I just ordered a Macbook Pro, Intel 320 SSD, and Harddrive Caddy to replace the Superdrive. When the computer arrives, I want to update the firmware before partitioning the SSD with Windows 7 and Lion, and wipe Lion off the stock HDD and use it for storage. I just want to make sure I'm doing this in the most efficient matter, please tell me if there is a better way to do this!

1. After arriving, boot the computer as stock and do the initial setup.
2. Create a Recovery Disk for Lion to put on the SSD
3. Remove the stock HDD and replace it with the SSD, leaving the superdrive in
4. Boot from the Restore Disk and reinstall Lion onto the SSD
5. After Lion is installed to the SSD, download Intel Toolbox and update the firmware.
6. Create a 40 GB Partition for Windows (maybe should use less?), run bootcamp to install Windows from a Windows Disk*
7. Upon Windows being installed, would I need to reinstall Intel Toolbox for Windows and run the firmware update on the partition?
8. Open up the computer and remove the superdrive, replacing it with the SSD and harddrive caddy. Put the stock HDD back where it was.
9. Close the computer and delete OSX from the stock HDD to save space (how?)

Would this be all I need to do, or is there a simpler way?

*For the windows disk, would it be easier to install WinXP and download the Win7 trial from the internet? My schools servers will validate my trial when I login, so I don't need the full version. Or should I download the Win7 trial now and put it on a DVD to go directly to?



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Sep 7, 2011
I'm not trying to hijack a nascent thread, but I think we're trying to do the same thing (except i'm putting an intel 320 120 GB into a 2007 white macbook).

I would echo the OPs questions, but I would add this:

1) After doing fresh Lion install, bootcamp partition 40GB for windows, and install windows (doing a budget install of both OSX and windows), which files do I keep on the ssd and which do i move to the HDD so I have just operating systems and apps on the ssd boot drive for optimal performance?

2) what do i do with the old HDD with the old OS's and boot camp partition? Do I format it a certain way for just OSX and Windows data, or do I partition it a special way? Can I keep the old HDD with data and just delete windows and OSX? Or should I copy the data, format the HDD, and transfer the data back that I will need? How does the OS find the data on the HDD? do i have to direct it?

I've seen a lot about keeping osx, apps folder, and user file on ssd, and data on HDD, but I'm confused how the HDD should be organized to optimize the performance of the dual boot on the SSD with OSX and windows.

To the original poster, let me know if these questions are irrelevant to what you're doing and I'll try a new thread. I've posted some of these questions on other threads but I can't get a good answer. But I think we're thinking the same thing.


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Sep 7, 2011
Hi macsbestfriend,
Did you sort out your strategy yet for this? Are we trying to figure out the same thing?
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