Trying to find a free video capture software for my Imac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by tomsh63, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Aug 13, 2013
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    Hi. My name is Tommy and I'm trying to find a free download software for video capture device so that I can start playing and recording all of my old VHS tapes to watch on my Imac. I bought all the cables to hook up my VCR to plug into my USB cable to my Imac using the EasyCap application that came with the package. However, when I tried to install it, they sent the Windows version instead of the Mac version. I had to google EasyCap Viewer for Imac free version in order to get it to work right from This was this past Sunday. I was so excited to finally get something working to play and record into my Imac from my VCR. However, while I was watching and recording a movie in EasyCap Viewer, there were lines going up and down on my screen even when I played it in Quicktime player after it got finished recording. I emailed a man that supposedly specializes in fixing bugs in software included EasyCap Viewer and explained to him what was the problem but he's so busy that it will take awhile for him to reply back. Also, I notice while playing the movie in Quicktime that the audio didn't match up with the video too. I think I need to update some of my hardware drivers too but I'm not sure how to know for sure since it's a 2008 Imac running OX version 10.6.8. Then yesterday while I was trying to record a VHS tape that I recorded myself on the same VCR, EasyCap Viewer kept closing on me and I had to keep reopening it every single time I started to try to record the VHS tape. It worked just fine while just playing it, but it only closed when trying to record the tape. I even deleted EasyCap Viewer and then reinstalled it again and the exact same thing happened again. So I just deleted it all together. I downloaded Debut which is another video capture program, but it's way too complicated for me to understand and I'm not even sure if it will play and record VHS tapes. That's my question that I need help with solving; is there other video capture software that's free or won't cost a lot that will allow me to play and record all my VHS tapes?
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    First off, use paragraph breaks :)

    Second, I went looking for something to do screen captures with audio a while back and couldn't find a free solution that worked well. I've been using iShowU HD and it works great for capturing video I'm streaming to my machine, will cost you $30 for a license though.

    I don't know a thing about the VHS side of things when it comes to the Mac so can't help there, sorry.
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    If they are commercially recorded tapes they are probably macrovision encoded which will destroy the quality of any copies made. That sounds like what you are seeing on the videos you have transferred.

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