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Apr 23, 2013
The cables behind my television are an absolute mess (see pic) and I want to do something about it. One thing I think I’ll need which I can’t find is a large cable management box. They are all just too small.

You can see I have a 2x4 power board which won’t fit most of the boxes on the market. The majority are designed for single strip boards.

The 2x4 board is 17.5cm wide, so any box needs to match that plus extra to account for the way UK plugs are oriented. In fact the only box I can find in the UK that covers that width is this one which seems very expensive for a piece of plastic. There really seems to be a gap in the market here.

I have gotten so desperate I’m even looking at buying cardboard boxes and cutting holes, although I’m not entirely comfortable with the fire risk. I don’t have the tools or skills to build anything myself.

Has anyone got any suggestions?



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Sep 11, 2007
Yeah, cables are a nightmare, and £52 is a lot of cash for a plastic box.

You could try re-purposing a waste/soil pipe to suit your needs. This is a 3 meter length, but maybe you could get away with the (cheaper) 1 meter version. Might also require a little bit of diy.

Good luck!


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Oct 31, 2007
Austin, TX
Doesn’t have to be a “cable box”. Any plastic storage box will do. I use a $5 plastic box with lid from the Container Store.

Just find a suitably sized storage container and modify if necessary.

Think outside the box as it were...
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