Trying to find an app for my business (sending notes to an sql database)

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Trooperof3, May 25, 2010.

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    I work for a nursing facility and we a are throwing around the idea of using ipads. But i need an application so that the nurses can take notes while out at the clients house. Which would be simple but i need an application that will take those notes and dump them to an sql datebase or something So that office can look at them.

    Originally i figured that with the 3g i'd be able to just build a web app to do it. but the problem is there are places in Rural michigan there isn't any service
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    I'd recommend that you use a simple could-based app for something like this. For example, we built an app that allows businesses to link goals, metrics, projects, and processes using the dbflex platform. It was very easy to build (no 'coding skills' required really) and can be used from the iPad with no problem (assuming a connection). The nice thing about doing it this way is that all your info is immediately accessible to others (no wait & upload later process).

    My $.02

    Edit: Just saw the part about no 3G in rural MI. I'd still recommend trying to do it this way, but perhaps something like Bento would work as well.
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