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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iphonetana, Nov 30, 2013.

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    Nov 29, 2013
    Hello to everyone,

    Days ago I was at the genius bar trying to get a new replacement of my iphone 5 that I bought 8 months ago with an apple care+. I explained to the "genius" girl my problems with the device. Sometimes I have poor battery life. Sometimes when I play few games, doesn't respond properly the touch screen. Sometimes when I take photos, they looks a little bit cloudy. Sometimes when I open few apps, they crashing...

    She tested my device through her ipad and found the battery ok. For the games problems, she said that is normal, because when you touch many times the screen, sometimes happens that. For the photos, she suggest me to get another case with more space on the camera hole to avoid the "cloudy" effect. She took few photos using the flash and everything was fine. For the apps, she said that few apps has bugs that they need to fix. She had a kind of report of my problems with the apps by her ipad. Finally, everything was "normal" for her. She suggested me to reset all and everything will be ok...

    Being honest, I consider my problems are something minor because sometimes happens. I have just 10 photos with that effect of 200 or more. I was worried about the battery, but like I said, she found it ok after test it.

    I was a little bit surprised about my experience now with the genius bar. I remember when I got the iphone 2nd generation and I had a problem with the home button, they gave me a new one immediately. I was thinking that the apple care + would be enough for minor problems too, but...

    I would like to know what do you think about this guys.
    Should I try again?
    I have to be more "energetic"?

    Thanks for being there!
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    everything you described, with the possible exception of the camera, sounds like it could be a software issue and not a hardware one. trying a full restore and setting up the phone as new would be the first thing i'd do, just like the genius suggested. and of course, this is very much different from the home button issue from your iphone 3g as that was an obvious hardware problem.

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