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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dionugrohoaero, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Jul 8, 2012
    Well, I'm kind of new to this communities as this is my first time to make a discussion here.

    So, as most of all iDevice users knew that a late-2009 iPod touch 2nd gen 8GB MC model was referred by stores as the 3rd Gen 8GB.

    After all these years, I've finally had time to solve the issue a few weeks ago. I bought the unit on April 2010 which was claimed by a guy from the authorised reseller at my location as the newest 3rd Gen iPod touch. At that time, I trusted this guy (salesman) and start to use the unit throughout the years and finally I got stuck on iOS 4.2.1.

    Later on, I thought that probably Apple hadn't release the 4.3 version for the iPod touch 3rd Gen, so I waited dumbly until the release of iOS 5.1.1. Recently, I brought my unit back to the same store, trying to find out why did the store misleaded me.

    Another guy from the store explained to me that before June 2010, they didn't know from Apple that iPod touch 8GB MC was different from its siblings with greater capacity. They only knew it by distinguishing their iOS 4.0 features in June 2010. He also stated that the official basis from Apple for the store to compare between iPod touch 3rd Gen 8GB and the 2nd Gen was the MC and MB numbers, not the A12XX and A13XX (in apple support webpage).

    So I want to ask anybody who knows the real thing behind these statements.

    1. Did Apple itself stated that the 3rd Gen 8GB model would be made different from 32&64GB models since the launching ?

    2. Did Authorized stores were informed by Apple about the difference between iPod touch 3rd Gen 8GB and the 32&64GB since the launching ?

    3. When did showed that iPod 3rd Gen and 2nd Gen could be distinguish by looking at the model number ?

    4. When did iPod touch 3rd Gen technical specification website stated that 3rd Gen iPod would be released only in 32&64 GB iPods ?

    5. Did people knew and take action for this problem before the release of iOS 4 ? Please share your stories here

    Please show me the evidences or at least enlighten it to me, because I'm taking action against my local authorized store. Anything will greatly help me here.

    Great thanks to all macrumor users.
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    Jul 9, 2012
    1. Yes, in the presentation brought by Phillip Schiller, he said "there are two more things about the 32&64GB versions, and I'll make sure you knew about it" after presenting the lower price Apple given to the 8GB model. Then, he said 50% more performance and openGL support for the greater capacity iPod touch. You could google for the presentation and the apple press release.

    2. Yes but indirectly, I used to work in one store and we were supplied with iPods from Apple. Apple only mentioned it was a new model lineup but in a demo, we found out that the 32&64GB models were shipped with different model numbers (generations) in January 2010. Then, we advertised it as written at online Apple store --> iPod touch 8GB *updated iOS 3* while the 32GB models got "iPod touch 32GB *NEW* with upgraded performance".

    3. Right after the release of iPod touch 3rd Gen but it wasn't mentioned as 3rd Gen iPod but as "Late 2009 iPod touch", released ONLY in 32&64GB model.

    4. Right after the release, but still, it was mentioned as "Late 2009 iPod touch". Apple started to use "generations" after the release of iPod touch 4th Gen.

    5.Unfortunately, not all people were aware of this problem right away. But I saw in Macrumors here, people found out right after the release. Formerly, our store advertised the iPod as a 3rd Gen and claiming that all models shared the similar capabilities. Some customers were affected too and they requested discount for new iPod touch 4G after they found out what was happening. Well, we granted them 75% as this was part of our mistake.

    You could see more stories here :

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