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    I've got a friend who has a new iPhone 5 and iPad 4. For some reason the guy at the Apple store set the new phone up as, instead of

    I've got two questions: 1) Can I simply delete the ID and set up a new ID in settings without losing her contacts, appointment, etc? 2) Am I correct that only a new @icloud ID will sync across both the iOS devices and the @comcast ID does nothing? I know it won't matter to her old Windows computer.

    I've had a account for years since I started with Apple, so I didn't have to deal with all these questions. Thanks in advance
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    Apr 30, 2012
    according to apples website, my apple ID is my gmail and an email. from what i saw, you cant have an @icloud set up as your apple ID, only a non apple domain or an @me address.

    so, her apple ID is likely the same for both devices afterall. whats her apple ID for her ipad? @comcast?
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    What I would do is go to this page and login with the comcast AppleID. From there you should see the icloud address as an alternate email address. Tell it to change that alternate email to the main login.

    You can, but it seems to be only for accounts that were made after the transition to the addresses. Here is one I made recently.

    I manage three iCloud accounts. One I made back in the old days, one from the period, and third from the recent period. When I login to manage the AppleIDs, all three are different and will allow me (or not allow me) to do different things with the logins and account settings depending on the age of the account. It is a freakin' mess and very confusing.

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    I am dealing with the same problem and it is driving me nuts.
    I am able to create a brand new apple id/ account using the address for my daughter; however, when I wanted to change my old itunes account,which uses, it tells me that the apple ID cant be an Apple domain address. At this point, my primary account email is my account, but my Apple ID is still stucked with account and cant seem to find a way to switch that. Any ideas/solutions to this strange problem?

    Like a lot of people here, I do not want to have any single ties to my previous email accounts or other services outside iCloud accounts.

    Thanko you

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