Trying to help my brother ... need a quick answer

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    Hi All -

    My brother has an iPhone and is using a PC. He just purchased a new iMac this evening and is going to connect his iPhone to his new Mac. The iPhone contains all of his songs. When he connects to his Mac will his contacts, calendar and his iTunes content move FROM his iPhone INTO his new Mac?

    Thanks for all responses.
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    Most things will NOT sync back to the computer. Certainly songs and videos will not. Calendars maybe, contacts probably not, notes definitely not, photos no (except for ones in the Camera Roll). It's really set up to do all your organizing on the computer and then sync to the iPhone. Back everything up first and copy it to the new machine, then sync.
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    It will ask if you want to copy the contacts/calendars over to the computer. Unfortunately it will not to the same with the songs though...
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    If he jailbreaks the phone he can use a fantastic program called SwapTunes which allows you to link to two different iTunes data bases...excellent app...
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    Are we there yet?
    Backup iTunes on the Windows system and restore it to the new Mac. That worked well for me.

    As for the rest, I believe that there are some tools out there that will allow the transfer of ?some data? from a Windows system to a new Mac setup.

    The other option open is Apple Cares since this is a new purchase. I'm sure someone has done this before and there are some standard steps.

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