Trying to hook up DVD/VCR player to MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Beanz!, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Alright, so I'm a total noob and apologize in advance. I thought I would have some trouble describing what I have, so please check my profile picture for reference.

    So I have a movie on this DVD-RW. The disc can only hold 30 min/1.4GB. That's why it's so small. You know how there's that little circular indention on most DVD trays? It fits perfectly in that.

    Well obviously choosing such a disc was a terrible idea. I have only found one DVD player that will actually play it, which is my DVD/VCR player. Actually, the original content was on a VHS cassette and I used my DVD/VCR player to dub the content onto this terrible, terrible DVD-RW.

    So now I want to get this content onto my MacBook Pro. I can't just slip this tiny DVD-RW into my MacBook Pro. I even tried it. It was dumb/scary. And using the original VHS cassette is not an option. It is outta here! I'm going to need to hook up my DVD/VCR player to my MacBook Pro.

    Luckily, this DVD/VCR player is great! It gives me lots of options. It has AV OUT as an option, which I think would be the simplest option. Then there's the COMPONENT/PROGRESSIVE SCAN VIDEO OUT with the green, blue and red female ends. That's for HD right? I don't really care if it's in HD and it sounds more expensive. Then on the right side of that are the red and white female ends for AUDIO OUT, and a black female end for COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT. Then on the far left there's an S-VIDEO OUT. And then on the right side, (under the the DVD-RW in the picture) there's what says DIGITAL AUDIO OUT with something that looks a little bit like a phone jack and under it it says OPTICAL. And to the right of that there's an HDMI OUT.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Okay, this is tough because those mini DVD discs aren't going to fit in your MacBook Pro. Basically, you need a means of convertin the signal to Firewire or possibly USB. You're going to have to do one of two things, both of which require money. You could get an analog-to-digital converter box, but that could set you back a couple hundred bucks. You may be able to get an external DVD player that can support those discs, and that could get the video on your computer. Unfortunately though, I don't know of an cables that will convert the signal to Firewire or USB though...

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