Trying to iChat with PC user over AIM - Help

Zim Bargo

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Jan 21, 2004
Got my iSight today and have been trying to connect with my brother on PC (I know, and we've spoken about it, but for now that is what he's using so...)

I get an option to just IM, I've tried connecting as one-way video through the buddy toolbar - nothing doing! He's getting some kind of message about firewalls, but he switched them all off and still no joy.

Can't figure it out. anyone got any hints??




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Feb 28, 2005
Is he running XP or an older version of windows? I can't even send pictures to my Mom as she's running Win 98. Just a thought.


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
iChat can use a wide range of ports. I've got the following open:

5060 (UDP)
5190 (TCP/UDP)
5678 (UDP)
16384-16403 (UDP)
5297-5298 (TCP/UDP)

By "open", I mean my Linksys firewall router directs these ports to my Mac, and my Mac's firewall also accepts them.

I think your problem is most likely because, if one or both of you has a firewall router between the broadband modem and your Mac/PC, it isn't set to forward those ports either at all or to the correct computer.


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Apr 19, 2004
Secret Moon base
I played with this on my LAN once, trying to link my Mac with iChat/iSight to my PC with AOL/Creative Webcam. I was able to do it in only one direction if I remember rightly: the PC was enable to initiate but not the Mac. Could have been the other way around, not sure. Anyway it is possible I can seen it working, so don't give up :)

Edit: I just remembered one other thing I had to do was upgrade the AOL chat. Only the newer version would work with iChat.
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