Trying to install Windows 7 on my 2007 iMac using boot camp

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Hyperfast, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    So recently I started playing WoW on my iMac again (intel 2.6 ghz 2gb ram nvidia 7600 gt 256 mb) and the gameplay was poor. It starts to flicker and it won't let me set my video quality settings above high. However, when I played this on my iMac back in 2009, I had no problems at all. I was at least able to use medium settings. So I reinstalled Snow Leopard Osx (fresh install) and WoW but still had the same problems.

    So a friend let me borrow a copy of Windows 7 to try playing on bootcamp. I made the partition but when I restarted, it showed the apple logo, then a folder with a question mark and then a cross out symbol with a circle around it (like a no smoking sign without the cigarette). Now I can't even boot back into OSx. I got the disk out using my Mac but holding alt does nothing because I have a wireless keyboard with a USB transceiver. It's not fast enough. That's my guess.

    How can I get back into OSx? Is my iMac done for?
    I'm really not good with this stuff but this computer has been great since 07.

    Any help would be great
    Thanks guys
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    Wow, thanks for the quick response! :cool:

    Unfortunately I don't have a USB keyboard but I will try out some of these suggestions.
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