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    So my buddy has a MacBook and asked me to assist with his Windows install as he is not the most proficient with computers. Here is how it went down:

    I told him to backup his Mac. He did. Then he ran Boot Camp assistant, printed the installation guide, partitioned his HD in half. When it came to the point of installing Windows XP, he puts the disc in, the screen turns black, a white flashing cursor, and nothing. He has to hard start the computer with power button, and when it boots up, he gets the Mac logo, and Windows logo. If he selects Windows, nothing, same black screen. If he selects Mac, Mac OS X starts up, runs no problem. HD shows as partitioned, but has problem with Windows. He has a retail version of Windows XP, SP2, and it specifically says on the package, "For computers with no Windows, or users of Windows 95/98." He went to Apple store at Kenwood Mall, Genius Bar walked him through to the point of Boot Camp assistant, aksed if he printed the installation guide, and then said they couldn't help an further as they don't support Windows. I understand all that, but none the less, nothing working. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
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    Wow, with all these supposedly knowledge people on here, no responses? Thanks for nothing..
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