Trying to resurrect an old PowerBook 520 ..

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by RPP, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Aug 13, 2006
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    Probably a fairly simple question to answer .. I'm trying to bring back to life an old PowerBook 520 which was given to my older brother courtesy of my uncle (who actually worked for Apple back in '87, though that's an entirely different story) many years ago.
    Anyway, the thing boots and I reach this screen :


    It's a little floppy disk icon with a flashing question mark inside it. When I tried putting in regular floppys it rejected them and showed me a cross.

    Do I need some sort of Mac formatted floppys ? Sorry, I'm only 15 and wasn't really using computers much, or atleast Macs, when floppys were around. Where can I buy them these days ?

    And is there some way to get past this screen without inserting a floppy, I just wanna check out the OS and I don't think there's much I'd want to be saving anyway.

    Or am I completely wrong about anything I think this symbol is telling me.

    Thanks :)

    EDIT : Ok, so after a little research I think it needs a floppy with an OS on it to boot off ? Anyone want to walk me through how I would create such a floppy ? Because I'm fairly sure all the necessary software is available for free download off the apple site, it's just a little confusing .. :eek:

    I've gone ahead and created this thread on the apple discussion forums which probably explains my situation better as I am now more aware of what the problem is, due to some research.
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    If that's the 520c, isn't that the one with lots of battery problems? Like, watch your back, or it go boom?

    Anyway, you'll probably need a System 7.1.1 disk at the bare minimum.
    If it has a CD drive, you can put OS 8.1 on it as well, if you can find a copy...

    Apple also has System 7.5.3 available for download here.

    It's...ah...19 floppies' worth.

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