Trying to set up library, new to OSX.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Shaggysaurusrex, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Aug 15, 2011
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    Hi I recently ditched my pc network with the intention of having an all apple 'it just works' system.

    What I would like to achieve is have my iTunes library 'from pc'. Which includes music and movies, stored on my ex hdd plugged into airport extreme, running on my mac mini (used just as 24hr server in loft). I'm fairly certain how this will work.

    The problem arises when I introduce my iOS devices. An iPhone 4 and iPod touch 3rd gen. I need to be able to sync these using my library. I have an iMac 2011. Can I point iTunes on my iMac to the same media folder on ex hdd as mac mini is already using and sharing to ATV2s? I can't plug into my mini server as it's hidden away.

    Likewise if I add music for instance to my media I won't have to add it to more than one library.

    I realise it's a long winded question but it's hard to get across what I'd like to achieve and the problem I have.

    Please also bear in mind I've only been using OSX for a couple of weeks after decades of windows. I'm not totally familiar as yet!
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    I do exactly what you're trying to get done. My media library is stored on an external HDD attached directly to my Mac Mini HTPC yet I sync all of my iDevices on another Mac in the house. Short answer--just point your iTunes library on your iMac to the external HDD--just make sure you have file sharing enabled.

    I have the external HDD mounted automatically at startup (Systems Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items -- just add it here). Also, you'll want to make sure the Copy files to iTunes Media when adding to library box in the Advanced sections of your iTunes Preferences is not checked.

    There may be a way to have your library automatically updated when you add something to it--I manually add new additions (DVD and blu-ray rips, CD rips) to both--easily done by comparing libraries on my two computers using the Show Items Not In My Library feature (drop down box in lower left corned of iTunes when you select a Shared library from the left column). I know you can set it up to have any iTunes purchased media automatically added to all of your libraries (Settings box on lower right corner of iTunes when you select a shared library).
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    Aug 15, 2011
    thanks for replying so quickly.

    how do I reset iTunes to start again? I have opened on both computers and had a play so I'd like to just undo and start with a clean sheet.

    I have my library files from the pc to import ready to 'seamlessly' transfer my iOS syncs hopefully

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