trying to set up my kids ipod touch????

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jkw5, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Ok, here's the deal....
    My daughter (10) just got an ipod touch for Christmas. I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out what I should do here. I know she's under age so she can't have her own apple id? Correct? (I tried that already) But when I set her up under my apple id (and my wife's-we share one) She started getting all MY texts. What should I do. I'm not worried about her getting online and buying stuff, but I do want to be able to monitor her ipod. Any suggestions? I know several things have been written about "similar" scenarios but I can't figure this out. Thanks so much in advance!!!
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    I'd give them their own account but not the password to same. That way you maintain control of purchase activity (which is nice if you want to give them iTunes cards as rewards/allowance) but you can still segregate their stuff from your own.

    My 18 year old daughter has been sharing an account with her mother for almost 6 years now and when she went away to college it became very difficult to maintain the sharing since they aren't using the same Mac any longer. And with 6+ years of purchases songs/apps, you'll find the library gets very big, but since everything belongs to only ONE Apple ID, there is no way to divvy up the purchases between the two. So now my wife has to start all over again (she had far fewer purchased items than did my daughter, so she loses the Apple ID purely based on economics lol).

    Trust me...sharing may be easy now, but it won't be in time.

    Go to Gmail, set up a new email account for you child (sorry but you'll have to lie about the age reqmts since Gmail won't accept email accounts for youngsters), make that the Apple ID, keep the password to yourself and then register your tyke as a normal Apple ID using your credit card info and/or iTunes gift card info. Its easy...I just did it for one of my kids this morning.
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    my two kids have iPods. I added two new users to my apple ID using some email accounts I already had. I did this so the text messages and face time all go to the right people. I have safari, youtube, email etc locked out in the parental control (they are 6 and 8).
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    This is what I did when my daughter got her 1st iPod Touch, best idea ever. She will always have her own and I don't have to worry about her apps and stuff with mine.
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