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    I am trying to net work my MacBook and MBA. I have had some success transferring files, but when it comes to sharing the screen and down loading some files I get a prompt to enter the name and password, I don't have any idea WHAT name it wants me to use and none of my passwords work. The other option it gives me is to log in using my apple ID but this doesn't work either!!! I am so confused, I thought this was supposed to be easy with Macs. Maybe I am just stupid. I really need to be able to easily share files between these two machines. Also is there a way I can access my MacBook from out side of my home network with my MBA ie: at work while the MacBook is at home?
    Thanks for the advice!

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  2. velocityg4, Jan 19, 2012
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    It wants a username and password to the Mac it is logging into.

    Edit: I don't know your level of knowledge, this is not meant to be insulting. The username is the one where if you click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen, go to System Preferences, and then Users (Users & Groups). It is one of the names listed there. Not what you use for e-mail or other websites.

    If your not prompted for a password when you turn on your computer then just try the username without any password. If that does not work try creating a password for your computers in the above mentioned area.
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    Don't worry about insulting my smarts. I need to learn as much as I can, my only goal is to get as much out of these machines as possible. :)
    So far this site has helped me so much, before I came on here I was as dumb as a post about this stuff.
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    OK, so I can get this to work just fine while I am in my house on my own network. I guess what I should have been clear about is trying to do this from anywhere else in the world. Do I need to get the router IP address as well? Has anybody who has done this before have any links to instructions I can't seem to find any, prolly cause I'm not wording my problem right.
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    Use logmein free to get remote access to your computers. This option works great for me.

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