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    ive been trying to set up my atv as a hub, but I’ve been having problems. I’ve signed into iCloud but I’m seeing anything listed for the HomeKit section. Right now we only have our garage door opener and Arlo for devices, should I set those up for HomeKit first on my phone?
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    Oct 18, 2011
    Yes - Add homekit devices using the app on the iPhone. The hub is really only for automations. All programming and object management is done using the app.
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    The Hub is also required for remote access to your HomeKit devices. In other words, being able to control your HomeKit devices when you’re away from home.

    In Apple TV, go to settings>accounts>iCloud (your Apple ID) and there should be an option for Home Hub in this menu. Make sure it’s on “Connected” and not “Disabled”
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    the aTV defaults to being a hub once you sign into your iCloud account, there really are no setting or anything to do on the aTV, except for being able to disable as mentioned above (and even that didn't exist when they started)

    everything is done from your iOS device. adding devices, changing rooms or names, and setting up scenes or automations
    (you can also do everything but add devices on a Mac)

    the only direct interaction with homekit on the aTV is controlling previously set-up devices using the Siri remote,

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