Trying to upgrade g3 to OSX...OS help please.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by PCM, Jul 14, 2005.

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    Mar 6, 2005
    HI, I'm trying to upgrade a g3 (last tower model before g4's were introduced...I don't know the speed but assume it's 4-500mhz- it's my sisters), and it won't accept an os 9.2 disk to upgrade from os 8.6. We thought that since it wouldn't accept the panther disk that the computer needed os 9 before the X upgrade, but since this didn't work it's left me baffled. It's been suggested that we need os 9.0 before 9.2, and then you can step to OSX. Is this true? What's the easiest and cheapest way to make this transition? Thanks in advance.
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    You just need to boot from the OSX CD. Generally this means you will have to wipe the drive completely to get OSX installed. So I would backup what you want, and then insert the OSX install CD, go to your Startup Disk control panel and select the disk to boot from.

    It will not install if you only have the upgrade CD. And/or if the OSX install you have is on a DVD, and you only have a CD-ROM.
    I run Tiger on my B/W G3 and it works just fine. Its no speed demon, but it does the trick. I do have System 9.2.2 intalled on it as well, but I haven't used that since Jaguar (10.2).
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    If you don't need OS 9 (Classic) anymore then yes, just back everything up somehow and then put the Mac OS X CD in the drive, and boot from it (Hold the C Key after the Mac Chime). Then make sure you do an erase and install. This will erase the drive completely and then install Mac OS X fresh.

    Make absolutely sure that you don't need Mac OS 9 before installing OS X. Since everything is on the same partition, once you install OS X, you can't put OS 9 on there without wiping out OS X first. So basically, you'd have to start all over again.
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