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Mar 12, 2019
Hello All
I'm really hung up on this TS video file.
My friend sent me a bunch of DVD's and there all in TS video file
I want to put them on my Laptop and convert them to MP4.. ( I know there are many formats, thats just
the one I have used)
I use Serviio as a server and it does not support al video file formats.
It does support TS, MP4 and some otheres.
But my question is how do I convert a TS file into a MP4 fille..
I've done reading and they seem to leave out which of the many files it is that is the one to convert.
Now let me say, that this morning I used the good ol biggest file 1.07g. and that is the file that
carries the movie, but I don't think that is the start of the movie, but just the main body as sometimes
no titles are given
can anyone give me a (1, 2, 3) step by step to convert these TS files
I have handbrake, that does not want to work, I have VLC, and Quick Time player...


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Jul 8, 2013
Handbrake is the correct tool. What trouble are you having with it? I know it's a bit of a bear, interface-wise. For a simpler experience, I believe Permute can handle this task as well, but that is not free.


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Feb 10, 2008
You can view them on your computer with DVD player software.

Otherwise what you need to look for is a so called DVD ripper. The ripper software extracts the video from the DVD and puts it together into container (single file). Handbrake can do this for DVDs not copy protected. If the DVDs are comercial prints and are copy protected, then its more complicated. There are step by step procedures around here somewhere, perhaps in the media server sub forum. I used to use MakeMKV to extract the video for backup and then Handbrake to convert to mp4. But its been years.