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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by docprego, Jul 10, 2012.

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    I came across this case at my local Fry's today and found it very interesting. It's a folio case that uses an inner silicone frame to hold the iPad. I thought it was very nice but one design decision on it left me quite puzzled. In order to secure the silicone frame into the case they sewed it to the rear of the folio. Curiously they left the stitching completely exposed inside the silicone frame. This leads me to wonder if the stitching will cause scuffs or scratches on the rear of the iPad after prolonged time in the case. Surely the iPad will have a bit of wiggle room because the silicone frame is by definition flexible. Combined with the fact that the stitching was on the stiff side and it seems like a recipe for disaster. I wonder why they didn't conceal the stitching behind material that matches the inside of the silicone frame? Even better they should have attached it in some other way other than stitching. This would eliminate any possibility of scratches or scuffs and would look a lot better. Other than that I really liked it. For anyone who has this case, has the exposed stitching caused any problems?

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    I bought one of these as well, and I like it. I've had it for about a month, and it comes in handy. The viewing angles are perfect for bed, especially lying on one's belly watching TV, and surfing websites, reading email, etc. The price is nice, and it's made of good material. The silicone shell wrapping around the iPad is pretty snug, though it takes some working with it to get it into place.

    I'm looking forward to the Smarter Stand by Dotan Saguy, though because I've really liked the Incipio Smart Feather with a matching Apple Smart Cover; it's what a case should be, but the lack of more viewing angles makes the Smarter Stand a good choice.
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    This case was $20 before iPad 3 came out. I was ready to get one, until the manufacture repackaged them with the newer label. I have several of their cases for my Macs and love the quality.


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