Tucano Vedo on iPad 3rd Gen

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by geoelectric, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. geoelectric macrumors 6502


    May 19, 2008
    Bought the Tucano Vedo to replace the broken Belkin Snap Shield Secure.

    Some quick thoughts:

    The case is quite attractive, transparent grey with a little bit of sparkle in it in the right light. The Tucano logo is on the magnet, and is mostly invisible unless you're looking for it.

    The case is advertised on Amazon as for iPad 2. It's advertised on Tucano's site as being for both 2 and 3. It fits the 3 fine, and I don't feel any bowing in the back. Ports are centered.

    Being TPU, the Vedo a little heavier and a little thicker than the Belkin polycarb shell, though not so much that I notice a big difference on the tablet. Helps that the iPad 3rd Gen is already a bit of a tank.

    The actual back feel is about the same--rubberized paint vs. TPU isn't very different, I guess.

    It has the standard TPU "lip" over the bezel on three sides. I was afraid this would bug me. In practice, it doesn't.

    Based on the lip having a cutout on the right side, I thought the Smart Cover edge would end up fitting inside the lip. This turns out to not be true. It does sit on the lip; the cutout just makes it a little easier to lift in that spot, but it's accessible everywhere.

    TPU is worse than polycarb in areas that are thin strips, like over the power port. The flexiness is pretty obvious there, and if it's going to break anywhere it'll be that.

    OTOH, that turns out to be a blessing because otherwise the HDMI adapter and even a first-gen iPhone cable wouldn't fit quite right. The cutout for the power port is a little tight. It's fine on width, but it's a bit short on height. As it is, they fit, but they push that strip above the port back a little.

    The TPU covers all the buttons. This works fine for the power button, but I can't feel the volume button click through it. It works, but it's like pushing pressure-sensitive bumps. This is the only real flaw I've found.

    Magnet on the back works great, and the cover stays fixed to it with no problem.

    It lifts the cover a little off the glass in the front due to the lip. This, predictably enough, weakens the magnet a bit there. OTOH, my Smart Cover would never hold to the front unsupported, so no biggie. It's strong enough that the cover doesn't flop half-open when I'm carrying the iPad around, just won't support the entire cover.

    I had taken pictures, but they came out ultra-crappy. The iPhone didn't like trying to auto-focus on the cover for some reason. I'll take some later with a real camera. The Amazon photos linked above are accurate, though.

    Verdict: I'm quite happy with it. It's reasonably svelte (as TPU goes), looks good, feels great in the hand, and only costs $20. I really like having a back magnet to hold the cover open. The dead-feeling volume buttons are the only minus.
  2. sinser macrumors 6502a


    Sep 16, 2003
    Looks like the right one for me. I like the back magnet thing and the TPU material. I have other Tucano products, laptop bag and cover, and they are both of excellent quality. At first I was thinking about the Belkin snap cover, but I've read way too much bad things about it.
  3. geoelectric thread starter macrumors 6502


    May 19, 2008
    Yeah. I posted elsewhere, but I started with the Belkin too, and it spontaneously cracked and broke within three days.

    Only other option with a magnet is the Incase MagSnap, but they want $40 for it! $35 for the Belkin was absurd enough. And the Incase leaves both the top and bottom of the iPad almost totally uncovered.

    So yeah, I'm pretty happy with the Vedo. I wish it were this good and ultralight polycarbonate, but you can't have everything.
  4. iphoneuserinyyz macrumors member

    Oct 11, 2011
    I have been using this case for several weeks. I would echo everything in the first post in this thread. Overall, I think the case works really well.

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