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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by jaredpeyton, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Apr 17, 2017
    I would like advice from anyone who has ever built a website. I'm a non-techie who wants a simple blog for my business. I read that with Tumblr you are giving up ownership http://wpvsblogger.com/tumblr-vs-wordpress/. I personally never heard of a Tumblr site being shut down. Is that possible? I like Tumblr because it is free and it's a community based platform which I believe is going to help me. However, I would like full ownership. Should I just go with WordPress or would I be safe with Tumblr? I covet all advice that you are willing to give.

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    Apr 17, 2012
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    You want a free website for a business?

    Wordpress is free:

    Or you could certainly use tumblr or one of the many, many hundreds of choices out there. You must read the EULA for each very carefully, as most 'free' things in life cost something. In the web world it costs content and advertisements. Your content may be used in advertising that has nothing to do with your philosophy.

    The best advice I can give is to contact a local developer. They can get you around the 'noob' hurdles and get you up and running quickly. Again, there is a cost for everyone's time and expertise.
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    Depends on what your blog is about and how your audience have to find you.

    WordPress is very open and basically helps you create. WordPress is only the software that you use that helps you create content and show it online.
    It comes in two flavors, do it yourself (wordpress.org) or hosted (wordpress.com). Bought are basically the same software, tools and platforms but the .com version is hosted by them and you can use it for Free like you can use Facebook, Twitter or YouTubd for free.
    Using wordpress.org is downloading and installing the software yourself on a web hosting bought and paid by you. You will ever compete control about anything on or at your site.

    Tumblr is a bit different. It's more a social media type of platform. It's more about microblogging. This means, often you don't even post content yourself but only republish content from someone else that you like.
    It's more like Twitter. You can still post you own stuff but you can also 'retweet'. Plus. It's more common that your followers are known Tumblr folks. If your audience are local people in your town you have to reach via communities nearby or whatever, you probably better pick WordPress.
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    Wordpress is the best CMS tool for creating website. It comes in two categories: wordpress.org and wordpress.com.
    Tumblr is different. It is basically social media platform were you can follow others and you can also post video, images to get more views.

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