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Discussion in 'iPod' started by memphismac, Jun 28, 2007.

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    So my 60GB iPod Photo died last week. I had used a Griffin iTrip for a few years and it worked great.

    Naturally, I had to replace the 60GB Photo with an 80GB iPod video. But when I looked at the configurations, I noticed that the old iTrip wouldn't work with the new iPod. :(

    I bought a new dock-style iTrip and must have gotten a bad one because it only worked if the iPod was restarted post-connection. It also had some nasty digital hiccups every few minutes, so I exchanged it for another one. The second one works well enough, but there's a little digital pop at the change of each song that's starting to get annoying.

    Before you tell me about the virtues of direct connections via the AUX input in my car stereo, I hooked up a Denision IceLink a few months ago which seemed to work fine. Until my iPod started freezing while using it. The music would keep playing, but none of the controls would work. My fear is that the IceLink, which I bought off eBay may have "fried" my iPod, either by bad equipment or by my switching songs/playlists too much.

    What I really want is an FM transmitter that I can use in the car, around the house, on the boat, etc. Charging in the car is less important than being able to charge with AC power at the wall, although both of these seem to have USB ports that I could use with my Blackberry charger.

    If anybody has experience with one or both of these products, how do they compare?
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