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Jan 1, 2008
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I just got an email from (supposedly) TuneIn Radio, saying I purchased a subscription today with a 1 week free trial. The subscription costs $34.99/month. I never purchased it and have never even heard of it until today. I went to their real web site and it showed that a monthly subscription was $9.99/month. On the email, they have a "Review/Cancel your subscription" link. Clicking it takes me to:
that then shows:

"Hey, thanks for scanning

The QR Code Campaign has reached it scan limit, please contact support to increase the amount of scans.

Your QR Code Reader/Scanner is working fine.
Do you have questions?

Please contact us at: | Login"

I really feel this to be a phishing scam. The email had lots of Apple references and 's on it, but clicking the "Apple Support" link takes to the same page as above.
I've searched and found no scams like this one, but I took my credit card info off the legitimate Apple site anyway.
So has anyone else heard of this?


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Jul 24, 2011
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It’s a scam. Tap on the senders email address, and you’ll see the real address, which won’t be from tunein. If you haven’t entered any details, you’re probably safe, but this is a good time to review your security.

Get a password manager (I’m in the process of swapping from 1Password to LastPass, see also, and use it to change every password you have for every single account, to something unique and hard to crack. Your email address may have been part of a data leak, or it could be somebody sending to random addresses. Chances are that your details have been hacked at some point - lots of big companies - Yahoo!, British Airways, even the Department of Homeland Security have been hacked recently!

Learn more about phishing here:
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Jul 1, 2014
Yep, phishing scam.

Guessing that the link was supposed to present a QR code (if you go to the main page of that site, in German, appears to let you generate a QR code for a URL), ask to scan it, then would take you to an Apple look-alike site to "allow" you to cancel the subscription, just that they will need your Apple ID and password to verify you are who you are.

Appears that the site only provides a limited number of QR codes for free, after that, probably a fee. Guess the scammer(s) did not consider how many people maybe click on the link and get a QR code, and blow through the limit.
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