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    Jan 8, 2009
    After reading various threads on iTunes media organizational software I thought I'd give TuneUp a try. I work in communications, I build/admin systems and code so I know what I'm doing. This POS screwed up half of my ~3,000 songs! TuneUp is supposed to search for any unmatched songs, you can customize what tags you want, and THEN you approve the changes. I never approved the changes as I noticed many were wrong, but it did it any ways. Now I have to spend the time manually fixing songs, and some are completely wrong. :mad:

    A few members here warned about companies promoting their software in threads, it wasn't here that I read about TuneUp, but be warned. This app sucks!
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    May 16, 2008
    This is exactly why I've done all the tagging and album art on my library manually. I've used apps for adding lyrics and scripts for cleaning up tag formats, etc., but I don't trust my library to any of the automated tagging apps. It's taken too many years to rip and tag to have it screwed up by some 3rd rate app.
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    Tell me about it! I've tried BeaTunes which was good for cleaning up duplicates and fixing genres but I wanted to fix album artwork and metadata. TuneUp is so bad, even on my 6-Core Pro it's slow as *****.
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    If you care about high-quality artwork, do it manually, getting artwork from sites such as Album Art Exchange. Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes is a great resource for managing your iTunes tags and files.
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    Jan 8, 2009
    Thanks! I'll check out the Applescripts for iTunes. Hopefully it'll save me a wasted Saturday night :).
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    Apr 14, 2007
    I too purchased TuneUp and had a really bad experience with it. It sometimes worked, but even them was super slow and a huge memory hog.
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    Oct 1, 2005
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    Jul 12, 2010
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    Yeah. Since you knew what you were doing, you had a TM backup, right?

    Sucks, though.
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    Jan 8, 2009
    Yup, have a Time Machine backup. The only issue was TuneUp's removing individual artists from compilations and soundtracks (even though I made certain not to check that option). It did fix track listings and a lot of songs that are rarities/b-sides that no other program could find so I didn't want to restore the whole folder. Just got through organizing roughly 400 albums, but out of 2000+ it could have been worse. Lesson learned, but hey, on the bright-side my library has never been so organized… with hours of work… lol :eek:
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    Jan 20, 2011
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    Tiffany from TuneUp here. Wanted to chime in on some of your questions / concerns about TuneUp. TuneUp should never make any changes to your music library without you explicitly telling it to save. This is the first that I've ever heard of TuneUp saving without the user explicitly telling it to do so. Would be interested in hearing more about this in the event that you uncovered a strange bug.

    While we have one of the highest accuracy ratings in the market, there are times that our users get mismatches. We have an Undo feature that will revert any changes that TuneUp has made to your metadata. You can find more information about this feature and how to use it here <link to getting started about undo>

    Regarding TuneUp's speed and performance, we're aware that TuneUp uses more resources than many of our (Mac) users would like to see. Our latest update, which came out about a week ago addressed a lot of these issues. Increasing product stability and performance is on the top of our roadmap for this year.

    Passing all of your information on to our product and development team. Hope that we can build a product that meets your expectations in the near future.
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    Nov 23, 2007
    I'm not affiliated with TuneUp at all, other than being a customer who has purchased and has used the app in the past. I've had great success with TuneUp myself. It has helped me properly tag thousands of tracks in my library.

    It's goes without saying though that you should first have a backup of all of your music prior to trying any program like this one out for the first time, and it also should go without saying that you should fully read through all documentation and be sure you understand what you are doing before you make library-wide changes to your music.

    It also wouldn't hurt to experiment on small numbers of improperly tagged files first, then once you've proven to yourself that you've figured out how to make it work right, then proceed to do larger numbers of files.
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    Mar 12, 2011
    Not bad, but not perfect

    I've found the program not to be too bad, apart from changing the occasional track it shouldn't. The only annoying bug I've found is that some of the tracks that are supposed to be changed, aren't, unless you click or play that track...

    Restarting itunes doesn't help either.
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    I have SongGenie 2 and TuneUp. I also tag manually from time to time. Depends on my mood really. That being said, I use TuneUp a lot more than SongGenie. I always check the results it returns before accepting or rejecting anything. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.

    I've found this to be true also.

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