Turn hotspot on att iPad Air 2

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    Sep 19, 2014
    Anyone know why it says I have to turn on my hotspot for iPad. Same thing with FaceTime over cellular.
    I always use my hotspot on my iPhone 6 but for some reason my iPad air2 doesn't provide this option.
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    you have to call them and politely ask them to turn on wifi hotspot. they will charge you $0 for this, or they might actually want money, like verizon does, on individual plans

    you may simply have new service and it takes a while for AT&T to turn on your hotspot.

    t-mobile includes hotspot on their iPad data only plans. but i had to call them to ask to have it enabled, for free.

    basic trouble shooting
    turn off iPad
    eject sim card
    turn on iPad with no sim and wait for it to boot up, it should say NO SIM
    insert sim card

    this will cause the iPad to go through its searching phase and update the sim card and i've found from testing and troubleshooting that this will restore lost features, such as VoLTE or Visual Voice Mail


    i looked at your screen capture more closely. it says AT&T prepaid

    by any chance did you actually pay for an AT&T go phone sim for your iPad?

    or are you using the regular AT&T sim that came with the iPad / or the free AT&T sim they give you?

    did you sign up for AT&T service diretly on the iPad like you are supposed to ? or did you do something else?
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    Sep 19, 2014
    So I took it to att and best buy had set it up as a Samsung phone with a completely different plan than my real phone plan. I was being charged $130 for 30gb on the iPad alone.
    They switched SIM cards and fixed it. Now the hotspot is an option. Thanks for the help

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