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    Is there anyway I can turn off the preference for iTunes uploading music to icloud? I basically don’t use it. I prefer Dropbox. And my computer, iPhone, iPad backups are to the computer. I can see the advantages of being away or if my Mac crashes. But I hate the reminders on my new MBP to buy more iCloud space.

    But MAINLY I want all of music on my computer, not in the cloud. I don’t want Apple deleting any of my music not bought in the Apple store. I don’t want iTunes deleting music I uploaded from CDs or bought from amazon.

    How can I verify or turn this feature off ? Like when I add an original piece of music I get a notification that they’ll have to remove it from the cloud. Yay! I don’t want it there anyway.
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    iTunes > Preferences > General - un-check iCloud Music Library

    However, the only time your personal music is uploaded is if you subscribe to either Apple Music, or iTunes Match. Anything that is uploaded to either of those services does not affect your overall iCloud storage - those services include the cost of any storage you may need for your music.

    If you want to see what's stored in iCloud that uses space, go to your iCloud Preferences (Mac), or iCloud Settings (iOS) and click Manage/Manage Storage.

    If you subscribe to either Apple Music or iTunes Match and then cancel your subscription, it will remove your non-iTunes music from the cloud. It does NOT delete any music that's stored in the iTunes Library on your Mac or PC.
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    What is the best practice for storing music files from my old large CD collection?
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    beth asks:
    "What is the best practice for storing music files from my old large CD collection?"

    My recommendation:
    DON'T use ANY "music app" to organize your files.
    Not iTunes or anything else.

    Instead, create a folder/file hierarchy of your own design and do it that way.
    Arranged alphabetically (A, B, C, etc.).
    Within, folders for each artist.
    Within, folders for each album.
    Within, tracks numbered (01, 02, etc.) and named.
    This way, your music is stored "independently" of ANY application.

    I maintain a separate drive (with two additional backups) for this purpose.
    It has 60-70gbs of mp3 files.
    I don't actually -play- music from this drive, instead its purpose is to serve as "an archive".

    This may not suit most folks.
    But it works for me.

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