Turn off True Tone for touchbar only?


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Jan 18, 2020
Hey all

I've been using the 16" MacBook for a little bit now. My previous laptop was a Retina MacBook Pro, so I'm pretty new to this touchbar thing.

I know it's stupid, but in low light situations, I can't help but notice how yellow the touchbar is (compared to the keyboard), because of the true tone feature. I thought this only applied to the display but apparently the touchbar also changes with true tone enabled. The thing I hate the most is that there's a bright, cold white esc key next to a warm tinted touchbar... It would've looked better if the esc key wasn't lit up but that's personal preference.

I love the true tone feature though - been using it on my portable devices for quite some time now.
So I'm curious: is there a way to turn off true tone on the touchbar, but keep it on the display? A terminal command or something?

Appreciate your input!!!