Turned on Family Sharing, 2 problems.

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by ra4oasis, Nov 13, 2014.

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    I know that Family Sharing has had a rocky start, but I decided to take the plunge last night, and I turned it on. It is just me and my wife, but I wanted her to be able to download my purchased songs, and have a shared calendar, among the other features. Setup was easy, but two problems persist.

    First off, on her iPhone, I looked up a song I purchased last week. It doesn't have the little download icon, it looks like she has to pay for it. So it isn't letting her access music I've bought.

    Second, the shared calendar, ugh. On my iPhone, I see a Family calendar (which is colored red), and on her phone, she sees a family calendar that is yellow. I don't know if it shows the same events or not, I'll have to check it tonight. But in my Yosemite calendar setup, I see two family calendars, one red, one yellow, and I can't delete either of them.

    Any suggestions for these two things?
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    According to little icon missing:

    you need to normally hit that [$ 0,99] button, then alert shows up with information like Following download will be actually free.
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    I thought about family sharing for the same reasons..... just me and the wife also. We both have our calendars shared so we can post and edit each other's calendars. Before family sharing started, whenever we posted or edited an event the other person would get an email and a calendar notification. At the time I thought it was redundant getting 2 notifications for the same thing. Now what happens is the email is sent to the appropriate person but there is no calendar notification in the app or on the mac. I miss it now because I had a filter set on iCloud.com to just delete the email to eliminate the dual notifications. I know we could invite each other but that is not what I want.
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    I'm struggling a lot with several Family Sharing issues as well. From parts of the conversation with Apple support along with it, one of the issues observed by you might be that (according to Apple support) not all content is allowed free for family sharing. The right owner of the App/Music might decide to not allow for it, therefore both parties would need to pay for the same. Apple support said that the details of an item to purchase would reveal those kind of limitations. I have not checked it out for myself, however.
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    Only two? I have like 5 or 6. Count yourself lucky.

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