Turning m'y olé iPhone 3G into iPod Touch


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Aug 25, 2008
Hello all,

Im from canada and im planning to get the iphone 4 on launch day here on July 30th

I currently have an iPhone 3G that I bought from the launch day here in 2008

My sister isn't tech savvy and loves my iPhone for the games and all. I would love to give my old iPhone to her next week so that she can be able to use it as an iPod Touch and download and buy games.

Is there a way to do that so she doesn't have data on the iPhone 3G but she can use it to play game and listen to music and video ?

Ps. Sorry for title messed up. I had French keyboard activated :(

Thanks in advance!!


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Jun 6, 2007
Canada EH!!!
I would sell it in Kijiji for $300 and then buy her the new iPod touch that should be released in September. The new iPod touch would be much faster than your iPhone 3G for games and surfing the web etc.



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Nov 9, 2009
Is anyone paying $300 for 3G phones?

woot.com had iTouches the other day for cheap, like $129.00

I think they were the 8GB, and I don't know if they were new or refurbed.

The Apple Store has refurbed 8GB iTouches for $149.00

If you can sell your iPhone for $300.00, do so, and then buy her a refurbed iTouch from Apple and pocket the remaining $150.00