Turning Off/Disable Apple Firewall and Using WaterRoof?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by merc669, Dec 6, 2007.

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    Jun 7, 2006
    Southern MD, USA
    Since Apple stopped using "ipfw" as in the "Tiger" and developed their own homebrew Firewall. If I want the Firewall Service to be completely Disabled and use a third-part Firewall like "WaterRoof" (http://www.hanynet.com/waterroof/ ) for example or find a GUI that I can use with "ipfw" (Still in Leopard but not used). Is that possible and if so, How? Thanks!

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    Nov 21, 2007
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    I am very interested in this too! However, I have yet had the time to really look into configuring ipfw manually. It's similar to iptables in Linux, really good but a pain to configure...

    See if this link helps:
    A blogpost on configuring ipfw. Please note I haven't vetted their code yet, so don't use their code blindly if you don't know what you're doing. :)


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