turning the macbook into a desktop thingy...


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May 21, 2006
ok. so macbook still not here. but i plan to use it as a desktop as well and as i will be writing my dissertation this summer, i was wondering whether anyone can recommand a good and (cheap if poss.) wireless keyboard and mouse set to help with my severe neck problem.

the i curve thing will work with it right? it looks nice. my sister has a kensington version for her fujitsu and it is really butt ugly and i don't want to ruin the pretty lines!

Thank you!


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May 2, 2006
You might want to get bluetooth versions of which ever wireless keyboard and mouse you decide to buy. I have the Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse and i can't fault them. I just wish i got the wireless keyboard and mouse with my second imac.


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Jan 6, 2003
i tihnk your macbook will make a great desktop machine. Just make sure you get the curve to adjust the height as neck problems ARE real. Another thing you could do is to buy a cheap lcd monitor, and BAM, more authentic desktop feel. And plus you're doing major amounts of dissertation work, so the extra space will be appreciated and will generate less stress. Apple bluetooth keyboard is great i'm typing on it right now, maybe not the apple bt mouse it's kinda sucky for me.