Tutorial : Which bootROM (boot loader) do i have on my 3GS?

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    Lot of people asking this question, though i would help out.

    Method 1

    Put into DFU mode, robotic instructions here, lol.
    On your computer... Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager
    Find "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller", subitem Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.
    Right click, choose Properties, go to Details, select
    Device Instance Path from the dropdown box. The end of this info string will tell you the bootrom version, e.g. iBoot-359.3.2

    iBoot-359.3.2 is the NEW BOOTROM
    iBoot-359.3 is the OLD BOOTROM

    Method 2

    Install usbview link here
    Put the iPhone 3GS in DFU Mode
    Run the Application usbview
    Check if you find:

    iBoot-359.3.2 - then its the new bootrom
    iBoot-359.3 - is the old one

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    We already have a thread with over 23,000 views on this issue with instructions for both Windows and Mac.

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