TuxMath for PPC? Can't find a working DMG for PPC.

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by RileyIL77, May 28, 2012.

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    I finally got my PowerPC Blue and White Tower G3 working. So since I can add PCI card and expand the hard drives a lot easier I decided to give my 4 year old the iMac. I've put a ton of free Tux games on it and they all seemed to work. Until I got to TuxMath 1.7.2. Which claimed it was Universal DMG. The program will install, however the program won't run on the iMac PPC. I'm told I can use MacPorts and install it, but I true doubt my iMac will connect to my cell phone tethering Wi-Fi at this point which is the only internet I have at this time. I'm not a programmer and according to the website,


    they claim to have a TuxMath 1.8.0 Universal DMG. However when I click on the link it gives the source tar.gz file. I'm not a programmer and don't have anyway of compiling this for PowerPC G3 Tiger. Anyone out there can do it for me or have a copy of TuxMath that works on Tiger on PPC platform.
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    Are you *sure* you are running Tiger on the iMac? Does your iMac have a firewire port? I suspect that you may be running 10.3 Panther. Your iMac is the same vintage as my PowerBook Lombard, and that can only "officially" run Panther, unless you hack it to run Tiger.

    In any event, I would recommend going to their page of older downloads, and trying an older version, until you find something that works...


    Scroll down about 3/4 of the way down the page, and see older 1.5 releases.

    Good luck!

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