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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by nightcap965, Dec 13, 2016.

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    I am usually an unabashed Apple Fanboi, but I gotta gripe.

    The Apple TV has been one disappointment after another. The Apple TV 4, fully loaded with memory, still has to be rebooted every few hours to re-sync the sound and picture on Netflix. The hoped-for Apple streaming service never got off the ground. Now we're expected to believe that the future of TV is apps, which is nonsense. Apple's latest attempt at relevancy is to synchronize some of those apps into a single app.

    This app disproves the adage that half a loaf is better than none. It doesn't include all apps. Amazon Prime remains missing from Apple TV. Even those companies that have Apple TV apps aren't included. Netflix is nowhere to be found, nor is Acorn TV. So I've got an app that "curates" what's on HBO Now, Starz, CBS, and iTunes.

    Not nearly good enough. Not nearly useful enough.
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    Being an "unabashed Apple Fanboi" what are you expecting to happen here now? Are you not expecting the faults of the TV App to be redirected to the non-Apple entities with apps... and/or YOU (for not loving it exactly as Apple has chosen to serve it up)?

    For example, every thread that brings up the lack of Amazon Prime is loaded with those who try to paint that as entirely Amazon's fault, working exceedingly hard to defray anything that points out that Apple is involved in making that happen too. But it's always 100% Amazon's fault.

    Are you not expecting your own unit to be spun as questionably defective because "I've never had to reboot my :apple:TV4 and it has worked flawlessly since day 1" and similar? Because you know there's always about 10 of those guys ready to chime in with the "flawless perfection" claim as if that ever makes any difference to their fellow consumer who is not experiencing flawless perfection.

    Are you not expecting the cheerleaders to spin how their lives have been transformed by the :apple:TV, while taking pot shots at (to try to defray or shift blame comments to) other STBs, even if that means identifying other STB issues that you haven't even referenced?

    Certainly, you know how this works. Gripe and be bombarded with attacks that spin anything & everything you reference as not Apple's fault: the other guys are at fault, YOU are at fault, your own :apple:TV unit MIGHT be at fault (but all other units are perfection), your home network is at fault, and so on. In short, you are "using it wrong" or "seeing it wrong" and/or should be grateful that Apple allows you to even own something They created.

    If you are "unabashed" you've probably got after some fellow consumer(s) in the past for faulting something Apple chose to roll out, passionately taking Apple's side as "unabashed Fanbois" do. Are you expecting something different because this time you are in their shoes, finding some fault with an Apple decision(s) and posting it where a sea of "unabasheds" will see it and activate the "Apple is always right" defenses? Again, you must know how this works.

    All that written, I'm personally feeling about the same. I happen to have paid subscriptions to DISH by choice and Comcast Cable by HOA bundling. Fired up the TV App and it curated exactly nothing for me. Meanwhile, "single sign on" allows me to sign on for DISH and that grants access to a whopping 2 channel apps of interest to me (but only via the apps, not within this TV App). While Comcast = Xfinity, my Comcast subscription doesn't unlock ANY app in spite of getting the channels via Comcast for most of the apps in which I am interested- apparently I need a higher level subscription via Comcast for such access.

    OK, so I can't watch anything at all in spite of 2 paid subscriptions to national sources of "cable," maybe the "library" option will offer a nicer way to access my own content? Nope. All it shows is content purchased from the iTunes store. All of the video I've put in iTunes is apparently invisible to this "library" view.

    End result: TV App shows nothing in it's on-screen guide and can't even access my own video content library stored in iTunes. Perhaps "the future of television" is not watching television? ;)
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    I'm glad I don't have those issues my Apple TV works perfectly. As for the amazon prime app you should take that up with Amazon prime since they are the dev not Apple.
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    Could be worse - you could live in one of the 205 other states in world, where they haven't even bothered to provide the TV app.

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