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    Dec 5, 2011
    how does the "TV APP" work on the ATV4? I have had ATVs for awhile and just got my first 4. I have had issues that are posted in another thread which are hopefully are resolved with my genius bar appt on monday and i dont think this is related.

    I have a large itunes library with about 400 movies in it that I ripped and uploaded to the itunes library. If i watch a movie from the library using the "computer" app and say pause it or not finish it if I then open the TV App the movie shows up in the "watch now" section and in the upper right hand corner it says "continue" and shows how much time i have left in it but I cant figure out how to play from there. The remote will not go to that area to select to continue. If I hit play on the remote or If I select the movie from the TV app it only gives me the option to buy or rent from itunes. Also in the "Up next" section every locally uploaded movie in itunes or tv show I have say watched on amazon prime that I have not finished is there. If its say an amazon prime I have the option to open it there. If its local movie it want my to buy it or rent it.

    So does the TV app not work with your itunes library or only what you bought? It seems like it does some sort of itunes match type thing because it knows the movie and finds it in itunes. Seems kind of sneaky that it recognizes the movie but cant watch it through the TV APP. Its like the reverse of itunes match. You used to pay for itunes match to have your local content available from the cloud in the old days.

    Any help appreciated.
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    These files are not supported by the TV app.
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    Dec 5, 2011
    Yeah im starting to see that and its pretty damn sneeky of apple to see that im watching something on my itunes library that i uploaded that i have not finished then match it and ask if i want to continue watching it but make me have to pay to rent or purchase it through the tv app.

    Thats flat out BS, if it can see what im doing then you know it could be supported. They are trying to sell more of “their” media.
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    Nov 26, 2006
    I've never seen the behavior you're reporting. Any time I watch a movie or TV show in the Computers app (That is not a download of an iTunes purchase), it never shows up in the TV app prompting me to buy it from the iTunes Store. I have, on occasion, been prompted to purchase or rent a movie I already have in my iTunes Store library, but it's just been a glitch that was solved by force quitting the TV app.

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