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Apr 30, 2010
Newcastle, UK
Anyone else having this issue on their iPad?

I run my TV shows through a program on the Mac called iDentify which adds matadata have been using it for a while but since iOS 7 when I add the TV episodes to iTunes they are all in order by episode number but when I sync them to the iPad they aren't ordered by episode number anymore.

I removed the TV shows from the iPad then added them again and they were in order by episode but then if I go to add a new episode into iTunes then resync they are back out of order again.

Anyone know a fix for this? Not sure why it has suddenly started happening when it used to order then by episode number no problem.


Apr 23, 2010
Yeah, since iOS 7 came out, the TV show order got screwed up, with no apparent rhyme or reason how it works now.


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Jul 23, 2002
Sol III - Terra
What I've noticed is that sometimes the Episode number is displayed as 0 on iOS and sometimes it has the proper episode number. I have yet to determine how or why it loses the information.
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