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Nov 4, 2015
Hi, my new App "TV Fireplace HD" is ready for sale. A fireplace with unique interactivity features included.


Here are some free promo codes as well (please post if you use one so that it is easier for the other users to figure out the available codes (redeem on iTunes / your mobile device -> App will show up on your Apple TV. Works only with the newest Apple TV):

Looking forward to your feedback as well.

Enjoy it.


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Nov 5, 2015
I did get one of your free codes-- Thanks for that. So I feel it appropriate to provide some feedback about your app. The primary issue I've run into with it is that the menu doesn't feel right.

You should be able to swipe up at anytime to expose the menu at the top of the screen. This menu should remain until you either swipe down or make a new selection from the menu.

Currently, when I swipe over I can see the menu, but it then recedes back after just a second, making it hard to see my options and make a selection.

Hopefully this makes sense. otherwise the app content is nice. The interactive is a bit odd, but that also could get ironed out a bit interaction wise. I feel like overall your app may not be taking swipes on the remote as effectively as it could/should.

Thanks for the code!


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Mar 25, 2012
Hi, I got one of the free codes for your fireplace app (thank you) and have some comments.

I like the quality of the fire images, they look good on my widescreen HD TV, however I have to turn up the volume to hear any of the fire sounds (the menu sounds are good.) For example, I usually leave the volume around 25% and that's been good for most apps, but I have to turn it up past 50% to hear any fire sounds on your app. I also think the actual log placement and fire might benefit from being wider as it will most likely be displayed on widescreen TVs and it seems there is a bit of wasted space at the moment.

Maybe you could try some different types of wood or material that burns with some slightly different colors or something?

Sorry if it sounds like I was just complaining, I'm really trying to help.


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May 7, 2011
Please move this thread to the promo codes section where it belongs
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