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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ipedro, Dec 16, 2008.

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    When introducing tv Take 2 at Macworld 2008, Steve Jobs unknowingly demonstrated a shortcoming in the iTunes movie store setup.

    Jobs paused for a minute to highlight "Away from Her" a movie that he said he hadn't watched but it received 95% on the Tomatometer at – which he said was the best movie review site out there.

    Well, tv doesn't have a tomatometer. My girlfriend and I had been having a hard time finding good movies to watch. The tv iTunes movie store's main page shows the best commercial hits which depending on your perspective may or may not be an indicator of a film being good or not. I find that independent films tend to get the most praise from critics because these films don't try to appeal to the lowest form of film enjoyment.

    Taking Steve's suggestion, I went to and searched for films above 90%. I found many amazing films and was surprised to find 9 out of 10 of them on iTunes. They've been there, but hidden. There must be a better way to personalize my suggested films.

    There is. It already exists as the Genius Playlist that works incredibly well to suggest music that goes well together.

    I think that we may see this for movies in the next iteration of iTunes and tv.

    However, the best way to find something that you like is to view what other people with your sense of movie taste has been watching.

    tv 3.0 should open up to become a social networking tool. Boxee does this brilliantly. has also been doing this to great effect.

    In this scenario, iTunes would allow you to add friends (real and/or virtual) and you would share eachother's latest viewed films (music and TV could be included here too). This would enable you to tap into the multiple friends (and their friends... and their friends...) and find movies that you are sure to enjoy.

    Social networking built into tv would add to the appeal of the box and get the word out on this amazing technology that many are enjoying but many others don't understand.
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    I think this is an advantage of boxee. I'm not entirely sure because I haven't really explored all of boxee but on the main screen there are "Recently Viewed" "Friends Recently Viewed" and "Suggestions" for other content. With this (I assume) I can take a look at what my friends have been watching etc etc. I'm not sure, someone who has really used boxee a lot might have a better explanation... basically I agree with you, an aspect of social networking within appletv (and itunes) would be great

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