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Discussion in 'Apple TV Apps' started by IPadNParadise, Feb 10, 2017.

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    Yesterday I bought an Apple TV 4 and set it up from my iPad Pro settings. The IPP had already TV Provider identified in those settings, Directv. I then began to download some of my favorite tv show apps, Lifetime, HGTV etc. I then began to notice that I had to allow them access to my TV Provider for them to work. Makes perfect sense since I pay for that content. BUT I then read in the Privacy Policy how much of my personal info an identity theft could get if they were determined to. I then deleted the Tv Apps that I had loaded on my ATV. And other than renting movies and more easily watching Apple Events, I am wondering why I bought it. Of course I can return it. But am I unreasonably paranoid or am I right to be concerned?
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    Yes... o_O
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    what type of things are they able to take/use/etc

    I figure the TV providers do this anyway when you watch TV
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    The funnny part about people seeing all this is they don't realize they already have it. They got it when you signed up with a tv provider and had a DVR. And now anytime you use any app. They want viewing habits and such to target ads. I don't think that makes it easy for someone to steal Your identity.
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    I have been searching for the article that I read that said determined cyber identity thieves could drill down and retrieve your personal financial info. I cant find it again. But according to the National Evening News, they have reported anything from a smart refrigerator nowadays can leave you vulnerable. So I guess I will stop worrying about the Apps on my Apple Tv. I have protected my personal info as best I can with two step authentification where available, i.e. banking.
    , CC.
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    The biggest thing that bad guys can do is use the cheap baby monitors that are wholly insecured because they have zero protections. On ad don't fall for shiny products if they get an IP and be very mindful of software that "falls from the back of a truck" and doggy p0rn sites and you should be fine!
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    I think the biggest privacy violators in that regard are "smart TVs". Visio got caught and had to pay for tracking users and selling their data without consent, but I doubt they are the only ones:

    Now these same companies want to sell us connected devices with always-on microphones and cameras ...

    But that doesn't really have anything to do with identity theft.

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