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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GilGrissom, May 11, 2009.

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    Hi all, my partner and I are moving to Milton Keynes but have been told by our agent that we need to either ring Virgin Media up and pay them £5 a month to get cable TV or choose to get Sky, as there are no terrestrial antennas (at least on the house!) and that most people in MK have to do this.

    Being new to the area this is something strange and the first time I've heard of people being forced to use cable or satellite. So I have a few queries as to what is the best way to go.

    All we want is normal TV (therefore ultimately digital freeview), so not wanting to pay any money for extra channels or HD or recording facilities or anything, we just want normal terrestrial TV that we were able to get normally any where else in the country by just paying a TV license and plugging our TV into the wall (antenna)!!

    So...a few details first. The house, as I understand it is like most in has a BT line and a cable line. We have BT for Internet (not changing to cable Internet so theres no point in saying just go with cable for everything!)

    The house DOES have a Sky dish on the wall from previous tennants, as well as an old Sky Digibox (Not sure if it works yet!). So, in theory, can we just plug this digibox back into the satellite and pick up free-to-air (freeview) channels off the digibox without paying Virgin or Sky anything extra??

    If so...this is great...this would solve the living room!

    Next comes the rest of the house. There are...if I understand the cables coming out of the wall correctly...cables already there to distribute Sky to the other rooms of the house (NOT basically each bedroom watches the same Sky channel as downstairs). This isn't a problem as such...but does this stop us from plugging in our TVs in the bedrooms (with Freeview Boxes) and picking up their own independant freeview channels?...
    I.e.: Will they only pick up "one" channel...the Sky digibox channel, and therefore only be able to watch whatever the Sky Digibox is tuned into? Or does the digibox act as a plain pass through as well...meaning that regardless of what channel Sky is tuned into itself, it still passes the full signal out of its coax output to the other rooms in the house so the TVs can normally pick up channels and watch their own channels independantly, yet powered by, the Sky Digibox??? Does this make sense? Is this possibe?

    Another problem I believe is that the Sky Digibox only outputs an analogue signal (regardless of it being a DIGITAL box...this is input only, I believe), so freeview boxes upstairs will not this correct?

    Basically we want a normal set up that most houses in the UK can have - free to air TV in each room, with each room being able to watch whatever it wants to watch...but without paying subscription charges to Virgin or Sky etc...

    The property is also this may affect the realistic-ness of certain ideas!

    What do people think and suggest? All ideas welcome, I'm getting my head lost on this one!!

    Thanks guys!!

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    Dec 5, 2008
    If you have a working Sky Digital box and dish you can pick up free to air satellite channels such as BBC, it sounds like you need an expired viewing card to pick up some channels such channels 4 and 5.

    The RF out on the back on the Sky Digital box just outputs whatever channel the Sky box is tuned to, if it's connected to the internal aerial extensions in your house you can connect a TV to one of the extensions and tune it to the Sky box but you'll only be able to watch the channel that the Sky box is tuned to, connecting Freeview boxes to it will not work.

    Have a look at -lots of info about receiving free to air TV.
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    Get a freesat card from Sky cost £20 (one off price not a subscription ) and you'll be able to get the various BBC ITV channels plus a few odds and sods like Al-Jeezera. On further investigation you get access to 240 channels although nearly all are crap,its what I have just get the card stick it in your existing box and your good to go. I imagine the wiring to rooms would work also.

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