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    Not sure this is the best place for this question but it feels like the closest thing.

    So I have 2 HDTV's that are in separate rooms. I'd like to connect both of them to the same Comcast HD tv box. I understand that I won't be able to watch separate channels, I'm ok with that. I'm able to control the channels over Wi-Fi so I'm not worried about remotes(although I'll lose some DVR functionality if I'm not in the same room as the box). The rooms are far enough apart to that a long HDMI cable can't be used. Cat5/6 is what I think I'm supposed to use. I've done some research and was wondering if these will make this work.

    1) 1 HDMI splitter
    2) HDMI over Cat5/6 extenders
    3) Cat5/6 cable(2 separate cables)
    4) a few spare HDMI cables

    So HDMI out of the Cable box into the splitter. One of the HDMI cables goes to Main TV1, second HDMI goes into HDMI Cat5/6 extender. CAT5/6 cables run to other room and into the back of the other HDMI extender. Then HDMI into TV2. I think I've found the stuff I need all on mono price. We have drop ceilings in our basement so I'll be running the cables through the ceiling.

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    Are the rooms more than 100ft apart? (HDMI - 100ft)

    Your setup seen right, it should work, but it seen like it will cost more than getting another box, but it seen to be good on paper.
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    Another cable box costs something like $10/month or something like that. I think all that stuff listed will cost about $75 or so. Definitely way easier to just pay for the box, just trying to be creative. thanks for the tips

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