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Discussion in 'iPod' started by mrklaw, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Jan 29, 2008

    Having problems with syncing TV shows to my ipod touch. Previously I only had the option of 'most recently unwatched' which was useless, as I didn't want to watch the most recent 10 episodes when I have 20-30 earlier ones I haven't seen yet.

    Now with 7.6, they added the option of 'least recently unwatched' which should be perfect. Now I can check 'scrubs' and it'll just sync the earliest unwatched episodes. So I can save space, but still watch them in the proper order.

    Except it doesn't seem to work how I expected. Tried it and I simply got season 7 synced.

    I then tried editing season 6 and adding episode ID (As season 7 had it, and season 6 didn't). Now when I sync I get the 6 episodes of season 7 + 4 episodes of season 6 (episodes 1-4)

    So how do I get it to sync episodes 1-10 of season 6, and leave season 7 until I'm done with 6?
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    Use a playlist. I had to create a special playlist for Futurama, grabbed in order from the shows, because often I'd get random episodes on the show.

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    Jan 29, 2008
    can't get it to work.

    I have scrubs season 6 (ep 1-22)from DVD, and scrubs season 7 (ep1-6) from itunes.

    If I just select 'sync 10 least recently unwatched' and check scrubs, I get all season 7 and 4 season 6 (episodes 1-4)

    If I set up a manual playlist and manually drag scrubs season 6 to it, then season 7, I view the playlist and they are in the order I'd expect. Then I sync the playlist with the same rule (10 least recently watched), I get the same result - season 7 1-6, season 6 1-4

    If I set up a smart playlist with 'show = scrubs', the playlist looks identical. shows in the correct order. But sync this playlist - result is the same.

    what is going wrong?

    edit: season 6 does have a file modified date later than season 7. But how can I change that? Season 7 also has a release date, but I can't see anywhere to add that to season 6.
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    Jan 29, 2008
    ok, trying to see if actual file creation date affects it. I've edited season 7 in metaX and its rewritten the files - strangely copying them from one location to another doesn't seem to change the creation or modified timestamps?

    Considering itunes has 'date of release' and 'purchase date' fields, it'll be annoying if it uses something as blunt as file creation date to work out what it 'least recently' - should be smarter than that. Means I'll have to be much more careful when tagging files.

    edit: No, doesn't seem to pay any attention to that either. Aaargh!! :mad:

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