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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by thudufushi, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Hi Guys,

    New here. I've just put a tv in my bar, added chromecast dongle and its all good. I have an airplay speaker in there too (Klipsch G-17). I'm wondering if I can send the TV sound output to the airplay speaker. The klipsch unit has a shocking lack of input connections and no optical input which would have been great. It has analog 3.5mm jack and I've used that by connecting to the tv headphone socket and it works but the sound is not brilliant. Is there anyway I can get the TV sound to go to the airplay speaker 'by airplay' ?

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    Not sure if this is what you are looking at but I have a projector with a 110" screen within our home theater that now gets used very little since the kids have grown.
    Once in awhile I bring one of our ATV's down there and hook it up directly the the projector. But the Amp AV processor is on the apposing side of the room about 20' away.
    Therefore I took one of our spare airport express units and plugged that in at the Amp AV processor location and use the tos-link optical digital out.
    I set the ATV to use the airport express as its airplay speakers.
    That works great.
    Then if I want to airplay something from one of our jailbroken ipads, I simply airplay the ipad to the ATV and the ATV pushes the audio to the airport express.
    All is good ;)

    Yes you should be able to play any airplay speakers seen by your apple tv
    If you have low speaker output, press and hold the center remote button as turn up the output at the ATV
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    That's really ingenious.

    That being said, to the OP, seems like new speakers or a soundbar with more inputs would be simpler and less costly. Or, even adding a T-amp.

    Depending on your TV and its ability to send variable audio volume out through either the optical or headphone jack, just hooking up speakers might be limited and frustrating.

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