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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by davidg4781, Dec 28, 2008.

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    I kind of searched around on here and found a lot of older posts that really weren't helping me much, so I thought I'd ask a new one.

    I'm looking to buy a TV tuner for my MacBook. I was looking at the Elgato, but couldn't decide which one I need. I'm mostly going to use it to convert VHS tapes to DVDs, and try to get some DVRed stuff onto DVDs too. I have a 2.0 CD MacBook with 2GB of RAM. I guess I can use it to plug into my cable line, since I don't have a TV in my bedroom, but the speakers on the MacBook aren't all that great, and I might not be able to hear it too well.

    There are 3 choices on their page, the eyetv 250 plus (I was thinking that would be best, since it does the encoding), the eyetv hybrid (cheaper), and the elgato turbo .264. I think that just converts the files, so it really isn't needed.
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    Converting Analog Content w/Mac TV Tuner

    The hardware encoding of the 250+ Plus model would help alot when grabbing analog stuff: Higher quality, smaller files, less CPU overhead. The 250+ comes with a power-supply however, so it's not quite as 'on-the-go portable' as totally self-powered USB TV sticks. But then really - do that many people lug a laptop, USB tuner and HD antenna to watch television at the beach or in a coffee shop?!? :confused:

    From reviews I've read, the Turbo .264 might not help much on post conversion since you have a very fast Core Duo system. Seems the Turbo benefits most when used on older systems like a single G4, and is markedly less beneficial on modern Macs.

    For better laptop audio for TV viewing, check out for some options that might give you better sound for TV watching while minimizing an unnecessary tangled mess of speaker wires. I really like Logitech's 3-port USB AudioHub for a 'Home Theater SoundBar' type 2.1 stereo speaker that I can also plug my TV tuner stick and other USB gizmos into.


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