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Jun 27, 2012
hp, illinois

I have Ipad Pro 2020, Iphone SE 2020 and Apple TV 4k all hooked up to Sony TV via Denon receiver. Up until iOS/ipadOS/tvOS upgrade to version 14, all was working flawlessly. I could send video and/or audio to Apple TV - and it woke up the TV, played both content nicely.

Immediately after upgrade of all Apple components, Apple TV became very unstable - constant disconnects, cannot connect to Apple store, audio sent from Ipad to Apple TV (Music, for example) often is not playing at all, and disconnects.

Anyone have similar issues with similar setup?



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May 27, 2008
try rebooting your router, and any network gear that you have, it might clear it up
airplay relies heavily on a stable network.

otherwise you'll have to wait for apple to release software that's actually ready to be released, both of the current versions of TV and iOS feel like beta to me, quite a few bugs and little hiccups.
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